E-Reader Case for 10th Generation-2019 and 9th Generation-2017 Released PU Leather Cover H01 – Blue

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Price: $26.98
(as of Feb 03,2021 19:19:09 UTC – Details)

This e-reader case is only suitable for 7-inch eBook Reader 10th Generation-2019 Released and 9th Generation-2017 Released.

We developed this e-reader cover based on some feedback and inquiries from buyers. It has the following characteristics:
1 – You can read with one hand through the belt on this protective case while holding your e-reader.
2 – It can stand on the table for reading.
3 – There are magnets in the upper and lower covers. When the upper cover is turned to the back, it will attract to the back of the lower cover, and the magnet inside is strong enough, it could let you read it upside down even lie down on the bed.
4 – With automatic sleep and wake-up function, close the cover to put the machine into hibernation, open the cover to wake up the e-reader.
5 – The surface of the protective shell is made of leather, and there are sewing edges around it, so the edges are not sharp, and the places where it comes in contact with your fingers when reading will not make your fingers uncomfortable.
6 – When the hand is holding for reading, the little finger will rest on the bottom edge of the protective case. Because the edge of the protective case and the edge of the inner plastic case block, the little finger will not touch the switch button on the bottom of the machine and accidentally turn it off.
7 – The plastic case of the cover inside has strong toughness and is not easy to damage.
8 – The inside of the touches on the e-reader screen with a PU lining, which will not damage the screen.
9 – Weight: about 165g.

Size: 16.5*14.5*2.5cm

We hope our customers will like our improvements, and we are still continuously improving this product and hope to make it perfect.
If you bought this case for your e-reader, the e-reader would appreciate you, and even fall in love with it.

It can stand up on the table.
When the upper cover is turned around for reading, it will be attracted to the back of the lower cover by magnetic force, and the force is strong enough to hold them together, you can slide your hand through the strap and hold it upside down for reading when lying flat in bed.
It has an indentation on the back to allow for the shape of the e-reader. The upper cover can be folded back for one-handed reading, it’s comfortable with the e-reader ‘s asymmetrical back.
With automatic hibernation and wake-up function.

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E-Reader Case for 10th Generation-2019 and 9th Generation-2017 Released PU Leather Cover H01 – Blue


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